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7 Questions You Can Ask Alexa for Christmas on the Amazon Echo Dot

You have a Amazon Echo Dot at home? Alexa It has become the inseparable companion of various users around the world. Through it they can turn on the light, turn off the television, program the washing machine or carry out an activity just by saying their name out loud.

It should be noted that these commands are only temporary, that is, Alexa will only respond as long as you dare to ask these things as a special date arrives such as Halloween, National Holidays or Christmas 2021.

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  • Alexa, where is Santa Claus?
  • Alexa, what did Santa bring you?
  • Alexa, I want to talk to Santa Claus
  • Alexa, how old is Santa Claus?
  • Alexa, give me a Christmas recipe
  • Alexa, ring the bells
  • Alexa, where do the Magi live?
  • Alexa, what can I leave the Three Wise Men?

You can also ask the same questions in another language and even configure the voice of your Amazon Echo Dot so that it learns more about you and your tastes.

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