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A blow for ‘Ibra’: Zlatan Ibrahimovic confessed that he saw his brother die

The day of the presentation of his book arrived “Adrenaline, my stories ignored”. Zlatan Ibrahimovic launched its story which has been written with the collaboration of the Italian journalist and writer Luigi Garlando. During the presentation, the Swedish forward decided to tell how difficult the death of his brother was for him, in a fact that few knew about the attacker who currently plays for him. AC Milan.

In the publication, Ibrahimovic commented on how difficult the death of his brother was and, in addition, he told details of the stories of his father who was during the war in Yugoslavia: “Every day I received news about the death of someone I knew. He helped the refugees and always tried to protect me from all of that. When his sister died in Sweden, I was not there “.

“When my brother Shapko died of leukemia, I left. My brother was waiting for me, he died in front of me. We buried him according to Muslim customs. My father did not shed a tear, the next day he went to the cemetery and cried from morning to night. Only”Zlatan confessed.

The AC Milan striker also maintained that he does not have any kind of belief: “I don’t believe that God. Only in myself. This is how I learned to turn hatred into a weapon ”. Probably, the footballer is like that, after the experiences lived before his present as a footballer.

The conflict with Romelu Lukaku

Within what he told in the book, ‘Ibra’ recalled the meeting he had with Romelu Lukaku at the beginning of 2021 in the match between Inter Milan and AC Milan for the quarterfinals of the Italian Cup, a clash in which both ended arguing effusively.

“First I fought with Romagnoli and then with Salemaker. I reacted to protect my teammate, and then he started insulting me on a personal level. It was shocking, with Lukaku we were teammates at United. He has a big ego, he is convinced that he is world class and he really is strong, but I grew up in a ghetto and when someone approaches me with their head raised, I put them in their place. That’s why I mentioned her mother’s rituals and she lost control. I have to deal with it. I don’t hate anyone, not even Lukaku “said the Swede regarding the altercation.

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