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A new gift for the ‘Millonaria’ fans: the emotional Christmas message of the ‘Doll’ Gallardo

While it is true, the fans of River plate received various early gifts throughout the season as they earned the title of the Professional League and then the continuity of the ‘Doll’ was confirmed in 2022. However, a week before Christmas, Núñez’s men won the Champions Trophy (third title of the year), defeating Colón de Santa Fe 4- 0 at the Santiago del Estero Stadium. Given this, after a successful campaign, Marcelo gallardo He decided to send an emotional Christmas message to all the ‘Millionaire’ fans.

It should be noted that both the players and the coaching staff are on vacation, since in the next few days they will start training to face a more demanding 2022 than 2021. But, before leaving, they left several videos greeting their beloved fans for these parties. First, it was the players, with cute Christmas hats and then it was the turn of the man who manages the boat: Marcelo Gallardo.

With a white shirt, a jacket and the River Plate shirt in hand, the DT expressed the following: “Good afternoon everyone, this is a message for all River fans. First of all, thank you for all the love and support during these years. I am grateful with all my heart for so much love. Second, wish you a nice holidays, a merry Christmas and a great New Year and may you be happy. Greetings to all, see you next year with everything ”.

It is necessary to mention that the Argentine soccer champion team will begin its well-deserved vacation this Sunday. In addition, the millionaire squad and the coaching staff will meet again on January 8 at the Núñez facilities to start the 2022 campaign.

Preseason in the United States

Once again, the squad led by Marcelo Gallardo will carry out their preseason outside of Argentina. On this occasion, the ‘Millionaires’ will move to the United States, exactly in Fort Lauderdale, a town located 44 kilometers from Miami.

The ‘Doll’ will have only two weeks to several of its figures because of the double date of the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers, so from January 27, Álvarez and Armani (Argentina), De la Cruz (Uruguay) and Robert Rojas and Héctor David Martínez (Paraguay) will leave the facilities to defend their national teams.

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