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After 13 years: the ‘Iniestazo’ referee admitted that he harmed Chelsea at Stamford Bridge

Friday, May 6, 2022. It has been 13 years since that controversial Champions League match between Barcelona and Chelsea. For some, the ‘Iniestazo’. For others, the ‘Stamford Bridge robbery’. The meeting was plagued by refereeing errors, the same ones that the person in charge of directing that duel in which the Catalans got into the European final has recognized: Tom Henning Ovrebo. Speaking to the Daily Mail, the now-retired man in black has admitted that his decisions hurt Londoners and took away their dreams of winning their first Champions League at the time.

“I am sure that the end of the match would have been easier for us as referees if that goal had not been scored. Chelsea would have made it to the final and their fans would have gone to the pub and said: we should have had maybe two or three penalties in our favour… but that doesn’t matter tonight because we made it to the final.” Ovrebo said.

On the night of May 6, 2009, in Hammersmith, the district in which Chelsea’s stadium is located, the locals had the feeling that several penalties were missed in their favor. For the former Norwegian referee, the ‘Blues’ deserved at least one.

“I don’t think the Chelsea fans are correct when they point to four out of five penalties, but I think everyone who knows football and the rules of the game knows that a penalty should have been given.”he affirmed, referring to one of the maximum penalties demanded by the English.

“That happened, especially before the VAR. Sometimes you miss a penalty, sometimes you miss a red card or a crucial decision. And I think everyone who knows about football knows that there should have been a penalty.” added Tom Henning Ovrebo.

It should be remembered that the match between Barcelona and Chelsea was tied 1-1 on aggregate, but the Catalans qualified for the final on the away goal after the goalless draw in the first leg. In the next round, those then led by Guardiola beat United in Rome and won the Champions League.

Referee Ovrebo did not award several penalties in favor of Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

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