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After living a real ordeal: Kimmich decided to get vaccinated against the coronavirus

The last few months were a real torture for Joshua Kimmich. The steering wheel of Bayern Munich He generated a lot of controversy in Germany after deciding not to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, to be isolated from his peers and to test positive. He still cannot train normally with his teammates after overcoming the disease.

Deciding not to be inoculated brought him many complications. This week it was confirmed that the German will not be able to be part of the next matches of the Bavarian team this 2021 because they still have consequences of the disease. “The player suffers mild lung infiltrations that prevent him from returning to work”Announced the club.

Everything indicates that what happened has made Kimmich reflect; Therefore, he believes that it is best to get immunized against COVID-19 as soon as possible. This was revealed by the second German channel ZDF.

The aforementioned medium explained that the flyer will put aside its doubts about the doses. “In general, it was difficult for me to deal with my fears and worries, which is why I was indecisive for so long”, were the words that the German used to explain why he did not.

Since he explained the reasons for his decision on television, where he explained that he was concerned about “the long-term effects” of the vaccine, Kimmich has added a total of three consecutive quarantines.

Bayern Munich, for its part, after learning of the player’s initiative not to be vaccinated, stopped paying him the floor on the days in which he has not been able to play due to quarantine, in accordance with the current German regulation for the unvaccinated.

The federal government intends to introduce compulsory vaccination by February next year, while the campaigns to motivate the population to get immunized continue. Approximately 69% of German citizens have the full guideline, a lower percentage than in other European Union (EU) countries.

The new executive of Chancellor Olaf Scholz tries to activate vaccinations both for those who have not yet received the first dose and those who should go for the soda, since six months have passed since the second.

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