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Against the clock: former Peruvian team in Serie A, one step away from disaffiliation

It is still news in Italy and not precisely because of strictly sports issues. Tuesday, the Salernitana went around the world by not being able to appear in the duel against Udinese for the A series, because he was unable to leave the city due to a covid outbreak inside the club. And as if that were not enough, the club now risks being excluded from the ‘Calcio’ if it does not find a new owner before December 31.

The team where Frank Ribéry acts and where the Peruvian Roberto Merino also played between 2009 and 2010, has problems with the Italian Federation, specifically with the regulations that indicate that the ownership of several teams in the same division is against the rules , as is the case of the granata painting.

Since his ascent, the Salernitana surrendered to the trust to find a new buyer. Before, the owner was Claudio Lotito, who also owns Lazio. Despite being aware of the situation since the beginning of Serie A, no agreement has yet been reached for the sale of the club.

There will be no concessions regarding the December 31 deadline for the sale of the Salernitana“Said Gabriele Gravina, president of the federation, who concluded that”if there is no news for December 31, the Salernitana will be expelled”.

This period could be extended by 45 days if a negotiation is underway, an issue that, for now, is not happening.

The A series He tried to mediate the situation and sent a request to the Italian Federation, in which he asked that the Campania club can finish at least the season, while still looking for a buyer. However, this request was rejected and now the club is in an extreme situation.

Did not show up for COVID-19 cases

On Tuesday, Udinese and Salernitana by date 19 of Serie A, but a Covid-19 outbreak affected the visiting team and the team did not travel.

Despite this, the A series He did not reschedule the game and Udinese followed the usual routine: he arrived at the stadium and showed up to play; then Giacomo Camplone (match referee) started it and the players were on the field for 45 minutes, until he finally suspended it.

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