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All these PS5 and PS4 games will be free on PS Plus in December

PlayStation Plus subscribers can now secure hours of fun on consoles PS5 and PS4, because Sony has revealed which are the video games that will be available by December 2021.

There are three video games that will be available to those who have an active subscription to Playstation plus. Let’s take a brief look at each title so you are aware of what you can download.

  • Godfall Challenger Edition (PS5 and PS4): third person action game characterized by melee combat and looting. Exclusive to PlayStation consoles, it will now make the leap to PS Plus.
  • Deadly Shell (PS4): Action RPG with soulslike elements developed by Cold Symmetry.
  • LEGO DC Super-Villains (PS4): adventure for all ages where the characters of DC Comics are the protagonists.

These video games can only be downloaded if you are subscribed to Playstation plus. The titles, in addition, will only be available if the subscription is active, so they will not work no matter how much they are downloaded if the PS Plus subscription is exhausted.

“Members can enjoy additional savings in addition to regular PS Store promotional prices, early access to demo versions, beta tests, pre-orders and other exclusive rewards, and offers reserved for the family. PS Plus, says Sony.

There are three packages available for PS Plus: Subscription for one month for $ 6.99, three months for $ 16.99 and 12 months for $ 26.66 (33% savings. Then it goes to $ 39.99 per year).

PS5 | New patents

Eager to customize the Playstation 5? Before the new generation, the gamer community had to wait for Sony to make a special edition in order to have a custom console. The PS5 has changed this dynamic by having removable covers. The novelty is that the Japanese giant has finally patented its own casings in order to give that personal touch to the machine.

The patent was filed on November 5, 2020, days before the release of the PS5. The document was not available on the website of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) until November 16 of this year. The delay was probably due to the approval of the patent by the authorities.

The patent corresponds to the removable faceplates of PS5, which can be extracted simply and easily by the users themselves. Hopefully Sony will release special versions in the future depending on the releases of the month or, imagining a little more, new versions with unique shapes of the case.

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