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An unapproachable bombshell: ‘Juanfer’ Quintero scored a great goal in Shezhen FC’s draw [VIDEO]

This morning, while many were sleeping, a Colombian had a performance to stand out in the distant Asian continent: Juan Fernando Quintero. The coffee midfielder scored a real goal from outside the area at 1-1 between Shezhen FC and Changchun Yatai for the fourteenth day of the Chinese Super League.

Although he only played 24 minutes after entering the complementary stage for Yongpo Wang, the ’10’ was very active in the core of the Chinese cast and was able to stand out with his own light thanks to his filtered passes and long-distance shots.

It was precisely in one of those shots that he managed to score the equalizer for Shezhen FC. After taking off an opponent with a perfect forward dribble, the former River Plate player took a violent shot that was impossible for goalkeeper Xiaotian Shi to stop.

If we review the statistics of the commitment, ‘Juanfer’ completed two of three dribbles and four of five long passes, demonstrating once again why it is important for the team led by Spanish technical director José Carlos Granero.

With this tie, Shezhen FC added 25 points after 16 dates, which were harvested in seven wins, four draws and five losses. Although the chances of winning are nil, the Colombian team still has a chance of qualifying for the Asian Champions League.

To achieve this they will have to fulfill a titanic task: win the remaining five games that they have left. Although it seems like a complicated task, especially due to the unstable collective level that they have been showing, nothing prevents them from dreaming. From Colombia they hope that the 28-year-old midfielder will continue scoring goals to reach the top for the national team’s matches.

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