Android 11 won’t show song album art on lock screen

Android 11 won't show song album art on lock screen
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Anyone who is used to listening to playlists and looking at the album art of each song on the Android lock screen, instead of the wallpaper, will have to get used to looking at the image only on the notification card starting with version 11 of the system. .

Google recently confirmed that it will remove the feature in the next beta of the robot. The company intends to respect the screen background chosen by the user even when a media is played.

“We will no longer show the album art on the R lock screen,” wrote a Google employee briefly on the Issue Tracker. He was referring, of course, to Android 11, when he mentioned the “R” – internally, the company still uses the letters of the alphabet to refer to the new versions of the system, despite not using them anymore commercially.

On Android 10, album art is blurred on the lock screen (Image: Felipe Junqueira / Screenshot)

Above is how it is today and below how it should be with the novelty.

On Android 11, wallpaper will be respected (Image: Playback / 9To5Google)

Until now, cell phones whose interface is little modified only did not display the album art of songs played in media apps if the application itself gave the option to disable the feature in the settings. In Android 10, the art started to be displayed slightly blurred, but it still replaced the background of the lock screen.

It is true that many manufacturers changed this behavior, such as Samsung, which always left the wallpaper chosen by the user, leaving the album art only on the card or even on the media widget. Other companies do more or less the same thing.

Google did not explain the reason for removing the feature.

Source: Google Issue Tracker (via 9To5Google)

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