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Android apps that can be used to lighten a dark video

To take a good photograph or film a good video from your mobile device with an operating system Android, you must take into account many things, among the most important the following: the range of the equipment, if it is low, it will have fewer features than the high range; the resolution, this defines the size of the image in megapixels; a good quality sensor is responsible for receiving and capturing light, remember that a great sensor makes a difference in the quality of images, etc. In case you have recorded a dark video from your cell phone, today we will recommend the best applications to clear it up.

If your phone Android does not have any of the features we mentioned above, from now on we will tell you that not much can be done, unless you use professional video editing programs such as: Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Movavi Video Suite, etc., however , it is possible to improve the clarity of the images in your video with mobile applications.

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It is a totally free video editing platform, you will not have to pay to use it and it also allows you to clarify videos, just what you are looking for. You can do this using the “Brightness” and “Contrast” tools.

Google Photos

An app that most devices Android has by default. To lighten a video you will have to enter it, press the icon of the three horizontal lines located in the lower center and several options will appear: “Brightness”, “Contrast”, “White Point”, “Bright Areas”, “Shadows ” and “Black dot”.


A video editor with a good rating in the Google Play Store by users who have used it, it offers you the same basic functions as professional applications, including, of course, modifying the brightness and contrast by layers.

What do the letters “CE” mean on your Android phone?

  • This engraving that is right next to the name of the brand of your cell phone hides something quite important.
  • The letters “CE” stand for European Conformity.
  • This means that if your cell phone has those letters, they also comply with the European Union standards.
  • This means that if your Android device has the letters, it can plead or respond to cases such as explosion of terminals, causing fires, among others.
  • On the other hand, if your cell phone does not have the “CE” certification, in case something happens to you, the company will not be able to respond if the event or accident occurred in Europe.
  • Another detail that you should know is that if the letters “CE” are separated, it corresponds to Conformité Européene. Whereas if they are too close together, it means China Export.
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