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Android: how to avoid being a victim of fraud on your cell phone

Have you been a victim of any? Given the increase in smartphone digital dangers and scams have also grown. This is because computer criminals are constantly devising new ways to deceive, since the traditional methods of mobile calls and text messages are not enough for them; but, in addition, now, they do it through applications, among others.

Theft of information stored in the cell phone such as bank details, emails, contact numbers or other sensitive data, make the mobile a perfect target for cybercriminals. To avoid being a victim of this, realme, the smartphone brand, shares these recommendations to avoid being a victim.

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  • Always update your smartphone: Many security breaches occur because of a lack of operating system updates. By not doing this, your smartphone is not protected from virus and malware leaks.
  • Do not open suspicious messages or links: Do not accept or open SMS links of jobs, raffles, movement of your bank accounts or any similar content, always check the recipient. Cybercriminals often take to pages that look like the official ones of banks or mobile operators to steal information.
  • Download apps from official stores: You must use applications from official stores such as Google Play to avoid malicious downloads that usually access the information stored on your cell phone.
  • Beware of ads: Some ads often open in pop-up windows or as a full screen message. In these cases, it is ideal to avoid clicking on ads that ask you to download applications from suspicious websites or redirect you to sites, where they ask you to fill in your data.
  • Use unlock methods: The most basic recommendation is prevention, and this includes taking measures such as setting a screen unlock method using fingerprint, facial recognition, pattern or pin. Thus, in case of loss of your cell phone, they will not be able to access your personal information.
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