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Android: how to discover the person who checked your cell phone and the apps they opened

Developers of the operating system Android from Google, added different mobile unlocking patterns so that no one can access the information you store on your device, since here you usually save all kinds of files such as: photos, work documents, your bank accounts, passwords, etc. However, due to an oversight, you are likely to expose your smartphone and personal data, so today we will teach you the trick so that you know the identity of the person who reviewed your equipment, including the applications that it opened.

According to the technology portal Andro4all, you will be able to know who has accessed your mobile and what applications they have reviewed with the help of an external application called “Who has taken my mobile?”, which you can download from the Google Play Store. In addition, the aforementioned platform also has the ability to offer you reports on the date and time when they tried to enter your smartphone.

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When someone has entered the password of your cell phone incorrectly, the front camera of the equipment will be activated without that person noticing, also, it will automatically take a picture. If the password is guessed, the app will generate a detailed report on all the applications it opened, so you will know if your WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram account has been checked, etc.


  • First, you have to enter the Google Play Store, search and download ‘Who has taken my mobile?’
  • Now, open the application and give it the necessary permissions so that it can work.
  • Then, press on the power button for the app to start working. Turning off the button will not take photos or create reports.

How to split screen on Android

  • First, open any application and go back to the home screen on your phone Android.
  • Then, press the icon of the square that is located at the bottom of the phone, it is located just to the right side of the button that takes you to the beginning.
  • All the apps you have used will open in the form of a window.
  • Now, tap on the app icon at the top of the window.
  • You will get several options, click on the one that says ‘Split screen’.
  • In this part choose an app to be framed at the top.
  • Then make a tap on the lower screen so that you then open another application, it can be the same one, as we said before, each part works as an “independent mobile”.

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