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Android: how to earn an additional percentage of battery per day

If you have a computer with operating system Android, surely you know that your cell phone hides a lot of tricks to improve the user experience. One of them has to do with optimizing battery consumption, which will allow you to get to the end of the day without warning signs for you to urgently look for a power outlet. Here we will explain what to do to gain up to 20% extra autonomy without having to download external applications or applying methods that can shorten its useful life.

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The battery is a fundamental piece in your smartphone and currently the vast majority have a lithium battery. This is vital, because if you leave your equipment charging all night nothing will happen to it or it will fail, because they tend to cut off the power when they reach 100%. Of course, it is not recommended to have it plugged in and on the bed as it can cause fever and reduce its lifespan.

Knowing all this, here we explain a trick that will allow you to gain extra battery power per day and that will surely help you when you need to send an urgent message on WhatsApp or make a call.


The trick is to disable the real-time location of the cell phone, as this function consumes a lot of energy per day, more than Bluetooth, Wifi, social networks or mobile data. Here we leave you the step by step so that you do it and you do not have to urgently load your terminal Android in the middle of the afternoon or at night so as not to be cut off.

  • Removing the location on your Android phone is very simple and does not take much time.
  • The first thing will be to display the notification bar of your mobile (slide your finger from top to bottom on the touch screen).
  • You will see the shortcuts panel and look for the option called ‘Location’.
  • Click on it to deactivate it and stop consuming energy throughout the day.
  • If you need to use Google Maps or GPS, it’s as simple as sliding the bar, going back to the shortcuts and activating it again.
If you usually arrive in the middle of the day with a low battery, turn off ‘Location’ to optimize power consumption. (Photo: Sport)

It is important to know that the location is activated by default in almost all cell phones Androidso it is likely that you always have it working and consuming battery as explained from ‘ProAndroid’. Here they indicate that it is possible that deactivating the location will save your mobile a cost that goes between 15 and 20% daily of battery. In addition, from the same Google operating service recognize what “using location services affects battery performance”.


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