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Android: know what the Google Play Store will offer you after its next update in May

Google Play is an exclusive application store for all devices that have Google as their operating system. Android, which assured that it will be updated in the first days of May, thus benefiting users who use the aforementioned software on smartphones, tablets, televisions, players, Wear OS smartwatches and cars with Android Auto. From trickdunia we will show you what will be the latest news that this update will bring.

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  • The google play It will allow you to try a game while it is still in the download state, it is very useful when the application is too heavy and takes time to install due to the large amount of Gigabytes.
  • In addition, there will be new options that will help you discover games and applications that really interest you, based on the data that your Google account has collected about you.
  • Play Protect, the program that checks the security of Google Play applications before you download them, has been improved and now devices Android They will be more protected.
  • Optimized for faster and more reliable downloads and installations, stability, and accessibility.


According to the information spread by the page Web official Google support, it was possible to know what will be the main features that Google Play Services will offer you after updating in May, take note:

  • security fixes: critical modifications for the administration of your accounts, management of the system and of the services related to the diagnosis.
  • device connections: in case users use the same account on their cell phones, televisions and Android Auto, the mode NearShare It will allow them to share content between these devices in a faster way.
  • Design: New fixes in the design of the Google help platform, accessible through Google Play services.
  • system management– Updates to system management services that improve stability and performance.

How to update the Google Play Store

  • First, go to the aforementioned app store Android.
  • Now, click on your profile picture that is in the upper right corner.
  • Several options will be displayed, go to “Settings” > “About” > “Play Store version”.
  • You will automatically get a message that says “Updated Google Play Store”.
  • Finally, let him know.
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