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Android: so you can turn your smartphone into a key to open the car

Android Auto It is a mobile platform developed by the technology company Google, and as its name suggests, it was created specifically for all users who have a car. Basically, the app offers you the possibility of operating the vehicle’s main control panel through a smartphone, however, thanks to a recent system update, now you can use the tool that will turn your cell phone into a digital key to open the car.

It is important to clarify that the aforementioned tool is only available on those devices Android that have Ultra Wide Band Technology (UWB), an advanced function that has a precision superior and much higher than that of Bluetooth, reported the technology portal Engadget Android.

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UWB technology is not new, since previously the Samsung company implemented the digital key in Samsung Pass for mobile phones, which allows you to open the car just by bringing the phone closer.

From now on, the same will happen with mobiles that have the Android operating system, as this function is integrated into Google Pixel 6 smartphones, “With foreseeable expansion to the rest of the devices that are launched and have (Technology) UWB”, said the media in question. In addition, it will not be necessary to open any application, simply bring the phone closer to the vehicle as in Samsung Pass.

How to know what version of Android I have

  • Open the application ‘Settings’ of the phone, you locate it with the icon of a cogwheel (gear).
  • Now, scroll the space bar to the bottom to find and enter the section ‘System’> ‘Advanced settings’> ‘System update’.
  • Finally, here consult the version of Android and the security patch level of your computer.

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