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Buying online is extremely easy… You just have to leave your bank details, full name and security password. Nothing more. However, just that simplicity makes users of Android are exposed to information theft. Luckily, there are a few things you can do before buying your favorite products and not fall victim to hackers.

The Spanish Internet Security Office published several tips for users of Android can make purchases without fear of losing bank details. There are things the user himself must take responsibility for before making any purchase, even if he has the best antivirus on the market. The criterion is one of the most valuable things when buying online.

ANDROID | Security tips for buying online

  • Prepare your phone Android before buying. It is recommended to have a reliable and recognized brand antivirus installed to rule out possible malware capable of collecting personal and banking information from the device. Also, update the operating system and antivirus to have the latest improvements.
  • Use a secure connection. Avoid buying using public WiFi networks, as they do not offer any security guarantee.
  • Look for online stores whose address starts with HTTPS and shows a padlock in the address bar. This ensures that the information being transmitted is encrypted.
  • Review the information provided by the online store: who they are, where they have their fiscal domicile, what data they collect from users and for what purpose, payment methods they allow, shipping and return policy.
  • Inquire about the store in search engines, social networks and forums. Checking what opinions other users have about it can provide a lot of information.
  • If you have doubts about the reliability of an online store, it is better to discard the purchase and look for an alternative. We recommend checking if the online store has an eCommerce seal, that is, a code of good practices for electronic commerce.

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