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Android users will no longer be able to buy e-books from Amazon

amazon It has been in the Kindle market for years, a device that allows users to read digital books that are available on various platforms, instead of buying physical books. The great thing about this service is that the e-books were on the most popular platforms; however, in a new twist, Google has stopped allowing Amazon to sell e-books through its app. Android.

An article published by Ars Technica points out that Google will require all Play Store apps to use Google Play billing for digital purchases or be removed from the market.”. Starting next month, Google will make it mandatory for all Google apps to Google Play Store use Google’s billing system for digital purchases made in the app. The change will take effect on June 1.

The new policy impacts Amazon buyers in such a way that they will not be able to purchase Kindle digital books from the platform. The post mentions in the report that instead of the button “buy now”Amazon will show users a message that says “Why can’t I buy in the app?”. By clicking the link, users will be redirected to a page that tells them “To comply with Google Play Store policies, you will no longer be able to purchase new content from within the app. You can create a reading list in the app and shop on the Amazon website from your browser”.

Although, users can still purchase physical books from amazon. Google applies the new policy after you removed Audible audiobook purchases from the Play Store. Additionally, Amazon Music purchases have also been removed from the Google Play app.

ANDROID | The most popular cell phone in history

New data has revealed the most popular mobile phones of the last 22 years, and the results are not what you’d think. Although the iPhones of Manzana and the Galaxy range of Samsung are now the benchmark phones in the market, analysts at Mobiles.co.uk revealed that the most popular phone since 2000 is the Nokia 1100.

The research took data from phone makers going back two decades, looking at how many units of each phone have been sold since the year it was released. According to the data, the model Nokia 1100 of 2003 is the most successful, selling a total of 250 million units.

Even though it was only released in 2014, the iPhone 6/6+ it quickly became the second most requested phone, selling more than 222 million units. Although the iPhone 13 was recently launched, the iPhone 6 range has remained the most popular.

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