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Has a strange message appeared on your android cell phone? Do you know what will happen to him? There are many people who have in their hands a device with a large screen, camera or battery, but it is time for you to know in case you have received a strange notification.

However, in recent days many of the users of a smartphone with a Google operating system have received a strange notification that says “Permissions will be removed from apps you don’t use.” Know that means?

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  • Before you panic, you should not be alarmed.
  • Google’s system, Google Protect, tends to scan your cell phone in order to know if your mobile device is really optimal.
  • In case it detects that an app has not been used for a long time and that it has the authorization to access, for example, your camera or contact list, then it will ask you if you want to delete it or not.
This message is displayed on your cell phone so that you know that some apps that you do not use have access to your data. (Photo: MAG – Rommel Yupanqui)
  • That is why it mentions the message that “the permissions of the apps you do not use will be removed”, in order to protect your privacy.
  • Remember that you also have the option for Google to automatically delete apps that you no longer use over time.
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