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Android: why the fingerprint reader does not recognize my finger at first

Have you ever tried to unlock your device, but your phone Android didn’t recognize your fingerprint? This is a recurring problem for users who have a computer with a Google operating system. What is happening? Register another?

There are several details that you should know about the fingerprint sensors in the mobile devices. Although perfection is the difference between one brand and another, most of them have ever had a problem unlocking their cell phone.

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  • The first reason is, in case you have a physical reader, it is because of the dirt. Sometimes when we press the fingerprint reader, many times it tends to leave a mark and, as a consequence, it is usually inaccurate.
  • Another detail that you should not lose sight of is that your finger can also be dirty. Sometimes fingerprints tend to store dust that we often don’t see with the naked eye.
  • The most recurrent is that you pick up the cell phone with sweat or with a wet hand. This will also cause a layer to form on top of the fingerprint and not be recognized as such by the smartphone.
Do you want to know why the fingerprint reader of your cell phone fails? (Photo: MAG)
  • Currently mobile devices allow you to register up to 5 fingerprints. You can register the same unlock finger so you never fail.
  • Remember that when you register your fingerprint, you should not only think about the middle area, but also about the sides. That way your device will recognize it faster.
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