Android’s new fast sharing feature officially launched


Nearby Share has finally started to be released for Android users. It’s a simple and quick way to share files with nearby devices, without relying on the internet. At least natively on Android.

According to the Search Giant, the feature will be released for all Android from 6.0, starting on Tuesday (4). The feature avoids the need to open a messenger or email app to send files quickly to someone who is nearby. And, according to the company, it chooses the best way of sending automatically, between Bluetooth, WebRTC or direct Wi-Fi, and without needing an internet connection.

More interestingly, the transfer is secure. You can keep the feature turned on without anyone nearby finding your device, for example. In addition, you can exchange files without having to exchange personal contact information. Finally, it also makes it easy to send files between an Android phone and a ChromeOS notebook.

Nearby Sharing promises fast and secure sharing (Image: Playback / Google)

Nearby Share is available today (4) on Pixel devices and some Samsung devices. The models were not specified and here in the Canaltech we couldn’t find the function. If you want to check it out on your own device, just go to Settings> Google> Device connections> Share by proximity.

If you do not find the option, do not worry: the release will be made gradually. Meanwhile, iOS users have had AirDrop since 2011. Of course, there are similar third-party solutions on Android, but nothing like a native feature to democratize file sharing, right?

Source: Google

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