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Because of COVID: Aubameyang prevented from playing due to heart problems

These are bad times for soccer players who have overcome COVID, as a new case of heart injury has been added to a high-performance post-coronavirus player. To the well-known case of Alphonso Davies’ myocarditis, now comes that of Pierre Emerick Aubameyang. The striker, apart from the Arsenal, now he is also one of his team, due to heart problems due to the virus.

Arsenal’s ‘9’, like his compatriots Lemina and Meyé, had overcome COVID-19, but CAF tests detected a possible heart injury, which has prevented him from playing for Gabon in the African Cup of Nations.

According to the medical commission of the African Cup of Football (CAF), the players Pierre Emerick Aubameyang, Axel Meyé and Mario Lemina recently released from Covid will not be able to participate in this match. Tests would show cardiac lesions. CAF did not want to take any risk”, revealed the tweet of the Gabonese Football Federation.

Faced with this situation, aubameyang and his teammates will be ruled out for the third and final date of the group stage where Gabon will face Morocco.

The African cast has already played the first date and second date without its top star; however, he would lose his figure again after detecting a heart injury. Gabon beat Comoros (1-0) and drew against Ghana (1-1).

‘Auba’ experienced his umpteenth disciplinary problem, this time in the form of delay, which led Mikel Arteta to snatch the captain’s armband from him Arsenal.

And also, before the African Cup, he was involved in a new altercation: he was recorded partying with other internationals for Gabon in Dubai. In the midst of everything and now separated by heart problems, the footballer will only have to wait for more and new studies.

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