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Bielsa is left without his ‘pearl’: Bayern prepares 50 ‘kilos’ for a surprise signing in 2022

As we well know, the Leeds United is one of the teams of the Premier league that he has not been having a good time this season, since the ‘Loco’ team has not yet managed to repeat the great performance of last year. Furthermore, it is one of the clubs at the bottom of the standings. The situation is not the best and, in fact, the continuity of the Argentine coach has been questioned. However, despite all the bad things they have had to face in 2021, still one of their players continues to shine.

We are talking about Raphinha, who has become one of the great figures of the English squad. The Brazilian is making the most of his time at the British tournament and has been the one who has kept the hope of an institution that seems to have lost its shine.

Given this, different teams of the European elite closely follow the situation of the attacker. However, one of the biggest clubs in Germany has been the last to join this long list and is determined to make a big investment for the Brazilian in the next transfer market.

Bayern Munich, ready to do anything for Raphinha

Although it is true, next January the transfer window will open and several institutions are interested in taking over the services of the footballer. One of them is Bayern Munich, which will charge to have the right winger under Julian Nagelsmann in 2022.

It was the journalist Bruno Formiga from TNT Sports Brazil who revealed that the ‘Bavarian Giant’ is looking for the Leeds United figure for next season. Of course, the situation of the coronavirus and those punished by the club for not wanting to be vaccinated, plus the departure of some others in the market, open the possibility of arriving in the Bundesliga.

Likewise, the reporter stressed that Bayern is willing to put on the table a figure that is around 50 million euros to convince him. It should be noted that the English team bought it for 18 million, so it could get a good sum of money in its favor.

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