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Black Friday: all these games are on sale at the PS Store

Now is the time to save for Black Friday if you want to add news to your gallery of games in the PS4 and PS5. The PlayStation Store is offering exciting discounts for those who buy the digital version of major franchises, from recent releases to longtime classics.

EA Sports FIFA 22 and NBA 2K22, for example, they have a discount of 40% and 50%, respectively. You can also cheer up by Marvel’s avengers with 60% discount and Deathloop half-price. Far Cry 6, developed by Ubisoft, went from cost 59.99 to 40.19 dollars, while Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales went down to just $ 29.99 after the 40% discount.

It should be noted that also discounts on related items such as the Lars Package ($ 11.99) and the Magma Masters Package ($ 7.49) in Fortnite.

You can enter to review the full list of discounts at PS Store thanks to Black Friday.

How to buy from PS Store

You can browse the content of the PlayStation Store and make purchases on your PlayStation consoles, either online or on the PlayStation App. For minor accounts, purchases can only be made if the family manager has set spending limits.

By browser

  • Go to or click on the PlayStation Store icon in the PlayStation App.
  • Search or use the search icon to find the content.
  • Please read the store description carefully to verify that you have the correct edition and for any requirements, such as the platform or a PlayStation Plus subscription.
  • To make a purchase, select content> Add to cart (or Reserve) and follow the on-screen instructions.

Through the console

  • On the home screen, go to PlayStation Store.
  • Scroll down the side menu to search by content type. Select PS VR to search for PS VR games.
  • To buy, select your content> Add to cart and complete the checkout flow.
  • To download, select the game you purchased from the PlayStation Store or your Game Library, then select Download.

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