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By letter: English government and Premier League ask footballers to get vaccinated

After 2020 with games played behind closed doors, 2021 started with great hope. Although there is already a public presence in the stadiums and everything indicated that it was returning to normal, the recent positive cases in several teams are already beginning to generate concern.

The authorities of the Premier league and the English government asked footballers to get vaccinated against Covid-19. The decision came after six matches of the ten on a whole date, had to be suspended, due to the positive cases.

Statistics indicate that 25% of footballers who are active in the Premier League have no intention of receiving the vaccine. Richard Masters, CEO of the English tournament, calls on the clubs to strongly encourage everyone to get the fixes.

We have collectively highlighted the importance of vaccination and it has never been more important. Please encourage those who are not fully vaccinated to be vaccinated, and the many who are, to receive their booster, which appears to be the only meaningful way of protection against the Omicron variant. “Masters wrote in a letter to all 20 teams. The message was released in a BBC publication.

Nigel Huddleston, England’s Minister of Sports, said: “The most important thing anyone, including footballers, can do to protect themselves, their co-workers and their loved ones is to get vaccinated and receive a booster dose.”.

Cases of coronavirus have also been registered in other leagues, but not in the magnitude of the Premier League, which led to having to suspend matches. Europe is still on alert more than two years after the appearance of the first case of Covid-19.

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