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Cases of coronavirus force to suspend four matches of the end of the Premier

The situation of the Premier league with the outbreak of coronavirus it is already unsustainable. In the course of Thursday, the organization announced the cancellation of the match that was to be held this afternoon between Leicester City and Tottenham due to confirmed cases in the Foxes’ squad. Later the tournament added that the weekend’s Manchester United and Brighton will also not be played for new positives at the Old Trafford club.

However, the British contest again ruled in relation to four other duels corresponding to day 18 that is agreed to be played on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 December. The same scenario as the aforementioned matches: COVID-19 strongly punishes the Premier League.

Thus, the Southampton-Brentford, Watford-Crystal Palace, West Ham-Norwich and Everton-Leicester crossings will not take place on the agreed dates. Right away, the Premier League explained the reasons that led to this radical decision.

Premier League announced the suspension of four games. (Photo: Twitter capture)

In the case of Brentford, who was to visit the house of the ‘Saints’, the official note mentioned that have an ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. This has caused their training ground to be closed, which means they can’t prepare for the game on Saturday.

In fact, the technician of the promoted for this campaign ruled on these cases. “Postponing this day and also the League Cup would give everyone at least a week or four or five days to disinfect. That would allow breaking the chain (of infections) in all clubs “said Thomas Frank.

About Watford who should receive Crystal Palace was indicated that He also continues to have an ongoing outbreak, resulting in the closure of his training camp and he has an insufficient number of players available to fulfill his match “.

While the situation of Norwich, who was going to visit West Ham, is just as complex because you have an insufficient number of players available to fulfill your match due to COVID-19, injuries and other illnessessays the statement.

Finally, what is already known in Leicester, does not play this Thursday with Tottenham (another affected last week) and on Sunday at Everton for an outbreak of COVID-19 within the squad that has left the club with an insufficient number of players available to fulfill the match. The club’s first team training ground was closed this morning to help contain the outbreak. “.

The Tottenham-Brighton, Brentford-Manchester United and Burnley-Watford matches were the first to be suspended from the Premier League due to the coronavirus.

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