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Cat for a hare: Messi bought a hotel at a millionaire price that had a demolition order

Lionel messi It not only generates substantial amounts of money within the soccer field. It is known that the player of the Paris Saint Germain It has been investing for several years in the hotel business, especially buying luxury properties within the Old Continent.

One of the hotels that the Argentine star acquired was the MiM Sitges in Barcelona, ​​belonging to the Majestic chain. This business was given for 30 million euros in 2017.

The deal was closed with the businessman Francisco Sánchez, who affirmed that he had no impediment to continue with its operation. However, this did not end up being the case, since said enclosure did not comply with urban planning regulations and has a pending demolition order, issued by the Spanish justice

This bombshell news was revealed by the El Confidencial portal, which managed to contact people around ’10’, although they preferred to remain silent due to the sensitivity of the situation.

All this problem would have originated twelve years ago, when the works for the construction of the hotel began. At that time, Francisco Sánchez obtained the construction license, although the works went beyond the limits set by the Sitges City Council. One of the main observations that was made were the balconies that protrude two meters from the facade.

Two years later, the businessman wanted to regularize the situation of some buildings, sending documents on how they were built. Although the city council responded to him that they would have violated the norms, making the demolition imminent.

Although in recent times the hotel has been operating normally, the order is in force and it is expected that it can be executed at any time. A more than complicated game for ‘Leo’.

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