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‘Chiqui’ Tapia wished Lionel Messi a speedy recovery after testing positive for COVID-19

Lionel messi has received the support of thousands of followers, after PSG announced this Sunday morning that he tested positive for coronavirus. In that sense, the president of the Argentine Football Association (AFA), Claudio ‘Chiqui’ Tapia, also sent a message of encouragement to the captain of the ‘Albiceleste’.

“Dear Leo, I wish you a speedy recovery and that you can pass this virus in the slightest possible way. Here we wait for you, to return to enjoy your magic, with this shirt that we love so much ”, wrote through his official Twitter account.

As is known, Lionel Messi and his entire family traveled to Rosario to celebrate the end of the year parties at home. In fact, the forward had a great time and his best moments were shared through social networks: dancing with his wife Antonela Roccuzzo, Los Palmeras celebration and more. However, when it was time to return to France, the hard blow for the attacker was confirmed, as well as the fans of the French club.

At the moment, the ‘Flea’ is isolated at his home located in the city of Rosario. It is unknown if the national team’s top scorer experienced any symptoms. In any case, until it is negative, you will not be able to fly to France. Thus, the attacker will miss the matches against Vannes for the Cup and possibly against Olympique Lyon on January 9.

The president of the Argentine Football Association (AFA) wished him a speedy recovery from the captain of the ‘Albiceleste’, who tested positive for COVID-19.

How is Lionel Messi?

According to the newspaper Olé ‘, “At first he hit him hard and turned him over, in the first days. Now he is more recovered, already without ailments (which were not serious) and studying the last days. That is why, after that party, there were no festive family photos, beyond its message “.

It is worth mentioning that the return of Lionel Messi to Argentina occurred in a scenario where infections are on the rise. On January 1, for example, 20,020 new cases and 12 deaths were confirmed.

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