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Christmas: four laptop gift options

The race for the ideal gift for Christmas. If you are thinking of giving a laptop as a gift, either for someone gamer or for office activities, there are several clues that you should take into account. Yuzel Ahumada, product manager for Latin America at Dell Technologies, shared several data that can help you get out of the pressure of the moment.

“The new normal has made all people migrate to new forms of digital communication, for this, we need 100% effective and efficient tools”Ahumada pointed out.

CHRISTMAS | Four laptop options to give away at parties

Alienware gaming laptops, Considered the most powerful models of the brand, they were designed to be easy to transport, without compromising the performance of any of its functionalities. The Alienware X15 features a chassis that is just 15.9mm thick, making it slim and versatile. For its part, Alienware X17, is larger by the diagonal of its 17.3-inch screen and thicker with its 20.9 mm.

G15 gaming laptops, This series of laptops were created to enjoy the game anywhere, with improved power and high performance, in addition to having different options for different profiles of gamers. For its part, the G15 5511 is powered by Intel’s latest 11th generation processor, ensuring seamless gaming sessions. While, the G15 5510 has a powerful processor that, together with its operating system, gives gamers the versatility to carry out their usual tasks and enjoy incredible games.

Inspiron line, Useful for home and work, this family of laptops keeps users connected with technology in a simple and inspiring way. In this series, the Inspiron 5510 stands out, a laptop with an 87% screen ratio, which offers longer battery life. Also, this line has the recommended model for students, Inspiron 5310, a computer with Intel Evo certification and Nvidia GeForce MX450 video card, which has better visual quality.

Latitude line, Also for desktop and corporate use, this group of notebooks comes in 13-, 14- and 15-inch models. Due to their size and weight, these laptops are recommended for those who work remotely, as well as those who travel on business. One of its main features is the “smart audio” system, a feature that enhances the video conferencing experience by improving sound quality and reducing background noise. Among the best known models is the Latitude 7420, a 14-inch business laptop with a 4K display, integrated with Dell Optimizer’s built-in artificial intelligence and ExpressConnect technology.

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