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Complicated transfer: Edwin Cardona and the Tijuana conditions that keep him away from Racing

A few days until December 31, the date on which the bond of Edwin cardona Y Boca Juniors, the Club Tijuana, owner of the Colombian pass, has been negotiating the possibility of relinquishing it since he does not have it in his plans for the 2022 Clausura of the MX League. Racing Club It is one of the interested clubs, however, they do not have it easy at all.

It happens that the ‘Academy’, at the express request of Fernando Gago, wants to have the services of the coffee midfielder. However, the ‘Xolos’ does not want to give in on an issue that the Argentine club has raised: to cover part of the player’s salary.

As reported by ‘TyC Sports’ during the last hours, the Mexican institution intends to transfer it at a high cost without the need to be obliged to pay a percentage of their salary.

In this way, for the negotiations between the two clubs to prosper, Cardona would have to reduce his salary claims if he wants to stay in Argentine football.

At the moment the popular ‘Gordo’ is enjoying his vacations, waiting to clarify his future for next year. América de Cali and Atlético Nacional from the BetPlay League were other teams that were behind him, but like Racing, they found it impossible to sign him on the economic issue.

América de Cali ruled out the signing of Cardona

Tulio Gómez, maximum shareholder of the ‘Red Devils’, gave details of how the intention to hire the soccer player who until December 31 will belong to Boca Juniors was handled and who must present himself to the Tijuana Club, owner of his pass card, from the January 1, 2022.

Edwin Cardona is worth 400 million (a month), he is a player who is worth 5000 million a year. National or Junior can pay it, America cannot pay it. If there is a company that pays us 3,000 … Because America can pay up to 1,550, which is a lot. I don’t think so, very difficult”, Said the manager through a recent transmission on Instagram.

The high cost of Cardona is the main obstacle for it to reach a team with little purchasing power like America. Although the fans were excited to have a high quality midfielder for the 2022 season, this will not finally happen.

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