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Could be worse: Jude Bellingham was sanctioned for badmouthing the refereeing against Bayern

The defeat before him Bayern Munich left a great disappointment on the campus of Borussia Dortmund. After starting winning the match, with an early goal from Julian Brandt, the Bavarians ended up turning the result around, remaining as absolute leaders of the Bundesliga.

One of the most controversial plays of the game happened at 77 minutes, when the referee Felix Zwayer signaled a penalty for a hand by Mats Hummels, after a cross to the small area of ​​the ‘negriamarillos’ team. Robert Lewandowski exchanged the maximum penalty per goal, decreeing the triumph of the multi-time German champions.

After the end of the meeting, Jude Bellingham He had no qualms about criticizing the central judge’s decision, since the play was half dubious because the ball ended up bouncing earlier on Hummels’ own teammate.

“For me it was not a penalty. Hummels isn’t even looking at the ball and he’s struggling to get it. He hits it, I don’t think he’s looking at the ball. You can see a lot of the other decisions in the game. You give a referee who has, you know, a fixed match before, the most important match in Germany … What are you waiting for? “, were the strong statements of the English.

For these statements, the young winger was about to receive a suspension for the following games. However, given his record, it was determined that he would only be fined 40,000 euros.

“The sports field of the German Football Federation has not blocked the young Borussia Dortmund professional, Jude Bellingham (18), for his television statement about referee Felix Zwayer after the Bundesliga match between Borussia Dortmund and FC. Bayern Munich last Saturday. Bellingham recalled Zwayer’s misconduct immediately after the whistle in the historical context, which had been punished by the DFB several years ago ”, reads the communiqué of the maximum between of the German soccer.

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