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Cristiano opens his arms to the future: “Play in Brazil? You never know”

Two for one. Cristiano Ronaldo He has given two interviews to two different media, in which he has left several interesting topics regarding his return to the Man Utd and the current season with a change of bench included; and his future, to which he does not close the doors to Brazilian football. The Portuguese striker was compared to Ronaldo and Ronaldinho.

In one of the interviews, offered to the ESPN network and which will be broadcast in its entirety in the coming days, Christian He has assured that “everything is possible in soccer”, when asked if he could reach Brazilian football, which he considers a brother country.

It is a country that I have a lot of respect for, I know a lot about Brazil. Play there no one knows. No one said I would return to Manchester United at the age of 36 and here I am. Play in Brazil? I do not know. It is far from my current thought. But in football everything is possible, I don’t know”, said the Portuguese.

In addition, he referred to two of the great idols of Brazil, Ronaldo Y Ronaldinho, with whom he preferred not to enter into value judgments about who won the most or was the best.

Depends on how you look at it. I don’t like comparisons. I prefer to say that Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and I have left our legacy, our history. I can say that I won more individual titles than them, but they both won the World Cup. I sympathize a lot with them. These are two players I grew up watching. To say who is the best, who is the second… It is not the most important thing. I prefer to stay with the fact that they are idols and left a beautiful history in football”.

Interview with the Premier

In another talk, Cristiano Ronaldo spoke for the English tournament, the Premier league, where he focused on his season at Manchester United and the problems his team is having to get points forward.

We know that we have not played the best football, as we should. But we have many games to improve. In some points we are better with Rangnick, but he needs time”, He analyzed how United is doing with the replacement of Solskjaer, whose departure affected him, he said.

It’s always sad when a coach leaves. I told him that he used to play with me and now he was my coach. He is a fantastic person. We were all sad when he left, but it’s part of life”, explained the footballer.

He also talked about how he is on the field and the relationship he has, or hopes to have, with his teammates for the benefit of the team. “I look at myself and say ‘Cristiano, what can you do better to improve your level and help the team?’ If something happens I have to run to help my teammates if they are tired. It’s the little details during the match. Run for your teammates, be a team. be compact”.

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