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Deadly header: McTominay scored 1-0 for United vs. Aston Villa in FA Cup [VIDEO]

Manchester United’s goal is to close the season with titles and are now focusing on the FA Cup, facing Aston Villa in direct elimination. Despite the difficulty of the rival, the team managed to gain an advantage on the scoreboard after eight minutes: Scott McTominay was in charge of scoring the 1-0 partial.

The action was born on the right wing, after a failed attempt to reach the goal on a set piece. The ball was in the possession of Mason Greenwood for the ‘Red Devils’, but the attacker did not despair in raising a center, but took the opportunity to distract the two rivals who approached to close it.

Finding himself at a disadvantage, the young footballer tapped back to find Fred, who was totally alone. The Brazilian did not hesitate for a moment and sent the ball back to the Aston Villa area, trying to take advantage of the fact that several of his teammates were still in that sector.

Although the ‘Villana’ defense had numerical superiority, Scott McTominay surprised everyone: he arrived from the crescent, in the middle of the centrals, and connected with his head towards the first post of Emiliano Martínez. Due to the speed of the play, the goalkeeper could not prevent his goal from being violated.

The Manchester United players celebrated the goal effusively and the fervor was also noticeable among all the fans who came to the stands of the legendary Old Trafford. For now, those led by coach Ralf Rangnick are back on the winning track, after losing 1-0 to Wolves in the Premier League, in the first game of 2022.

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