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Defensively: Ancelotti ‘got his claws out’ for Real Madrid’s style prior to the Super Cup

Nothing was saved. Carlo Ancelotti, coach of Real Madrid, assured that he is delighted that his team is playing the counterattack during the press conference prior to the grand final of the Spanish Super Cup that will be played this Sunday, January 16, against athletic club at the King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

“Playing against it is not easy. Madrid’s counter against Barcelona was not one pass, but four or five low passes with many players inside. On the third goal, we had six players inside the box.”, wanted to vindicate the Italian coach, a little annoyed by some criticism received for the way the white team played during the ‘Clásico’ against Barcelona.

The semifinal against the ‘Azulgrana’ team was decided in extra time, which meant that the Real Madrid reach the final with 120 minutes in the legs. “The team has recovered well, we trained yesterday and I think we have no problems physically. We only have two doubts, Alaba and Asensio, we have to evaluate them in the afternoon training session”explained Ancelotti.

In any case, he pointed out that “he has never” taken “risks with a player who is not well.” Thus, “if they are not well, other players will play, Nacho did very well against Barcelona”. Regarding the game that can be found against Athletic, the Italian coach recalled that the recent LaLiga matches “were very close, both in Bilbao and in Madrid.”

According to Ancelotti, Athletic “has many records and we have to take them all into account”. In this sense, he had no qualms about admitting that “the plan is going to be different from that of the semifinal because the team released by Marcelino has different records than Barcelona.” However, he was confident in his players ahead of this great game for the title.

Asked if the team has been emotionally affected by Dani Carvajal’s positive for COVID-19 on Thursday, the DT explained that they are used to it: “It happens in our family, at work, I feel sorry for Carvajal because he had played a good game after coming back. The player is fine, he just has a little cold and nothing else, he is physically well “, sentenced.

Dani Carvajal, sick due to coronavirus

The coronavirus hit Madrid again at the best time of the season. After eliminating Barça, COVID-19 has caused the Spanish defender to drop out of the final against Athletic Club Bilbao. This was announced by the thirteen-time European champion in a statement. At the moment, the player remains confined, following the sanitary measures dictated by the Saudi authorities.

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