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Diego Simeone and the praise of Karim Benzema a few hours after the derby: “He is the beacon in the Real Madrid game”

Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid They will star in the best match of matchday 17 of the Santander League at 3:00 pm (Peruvian time). In the previous derby of the capital of Spain, the coach of the ‘Colchoneros’, Diego Simeone, highlighted the offensive power of his rival and, especially, of Karim Benzema.

“Each one has its own characteristics. Benzema is still the beacon in the Real Madrid game. It is a team that handles the pressures in the game very well. It is a very competitive team. Since we have been here, we have always been able to compete, sometimes better and sometimes worse ”, noted at a press conference.

As it is remembered, the ‘Gato’ left the game against Real Sociedad last date after suffering a discomfort and missed the midweek match against Inter for the Champions League. However, Carlo Ancelotti confirmed that the attacker will play the derby.

Simeone also praised the coach of Real Madrid

On the other hand, the ‘Cholo’ Simeone was encouraged to highlight the work of the Italian strategist in command under the technical direction of Real Madrid.

“We are going to play a very important game as it always is against our rival. Surely, they are in a great moment. With the arrival of Ancelotti they have shown a defensive forcefulness that enhances all their offensive weapons ”, rescued.

It is important to mention that Real Madrid is the leader of the championship by adding 39 units. Atlético is more relegated in the fourth box with 29 points. For that reason, the ‘Colchoneros’ are forced to win to shorten the distance.

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