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Discover what the IMEI of your Android phone is for and how to see the original code

All smartphones with OS Android, they have a code called IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity), what is this? Basically, it is a unique identifier for each mobile device, which means that no two can be the same. It specifically serves to instantly block your device in case of loss or theft, because when you communicate with your operator you will have to provide the IMEI so that they proceed to report it, in this way you will avoid the prohibited sale of cell phones of dubious origin.

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In addition, with this code you can also locate your equipment Android and even release it so that you can use it with any telephone operator, although currently the phones are already unlocked by default. The IMEI consists of 15 digits and gives you other additional information, such as: references to the manufacturer of the device and the country in which it was made.

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What happens if the IMEI of my cell phone is different? Before showing you the steps to see the code of your smartphone, we will explain what happens if it is different from the original. The real code is located on the back of your cell phone, in the same box or on the battery, if it is different, it means that the device has been reported as stolen or lost, so it is recommended not to acquire it.


  • First, open the call application of Android and mark the following: *#06#.
  • Press the “Call” icon and a window with two barcodes will automatically appear, normally.
  • If you see three barcodes and two of them say: IMEI 1 and IMEI 2, it is because your cell phone has a double SIM card slot.
  • Copy the IMEI or write it down on a piece of paper.
  • Go to “Settings” > “Device information” or “About phone”.
  • Here you will see the IMEI code at the top. As we said before, the digits are also on the box or on the back of the device.

How to know the model of my Android cell phone

  • Go to the calling app.
  • Enter the following code: “*#1234#”, without the quotes of course.
  • Hit the “Call” button.
  • Finally, a strange window will open and in the final part you will be able to see the model of your cell phone.
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