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Driver Booster
Driver Booster

Driver Booster: PC maintenance in one click

Driver Booster is a free program for Windows that makes life easier for the user by maintaining the drivers of the computer with one click. The tool in Portuguese is reliable and scans the PC. In addition, the software searches the internet for new versions for the hardware controllers, offering an updated administrator in a simple way. That way, you’ll never have to worry about going to the Control Panel again to search for new drivers item by item.

How it works

With a simple and free interface, the application scans your computer in seconds and gives an overview of all your drivers, organizing everything in an easy-to-view list. The user can then see the details of each item, check its performance and update it, all directly from a single screen.

Another advantage when downloading Driver Booster in 32 or 64 bits is its backup feature. You can program the application to create a system restore point each time a new driver is installed. So, if something goes wrong after an update, you can always go back to the previous settings by clicking the corresponding button on the taskbar on the right.

Driver Booster Pro

The paid version, which the user can download and purchase from the developer’s website, allows users to update multiple drivers with just one click. Optimizing hardware performance, it offers a tool that adjusts the computer’s resources for better gaming performance. Some sites offer a serial to activate the product, but always the best option is to buy from the responsible manufacturer.

For Mac OS users, the developer makes Mac Booster available. The software is an application similar to Driver Booster for Apple computers.

Our opinion

On the internet, there are several programs that help to keep your PC’s settings up to date, and Driver Booster is one of them. With the usual quality of the programs developed by iObit, this application is very fast when scanning your drivers with the click of a button or simply when opening your home screen.

The interface follows the same molds as other iObit products, with a black background as a pattern and shiny details on the buttons. The design is very pleasant, while being simple and intuitive, as such a program should be.

It is possible, in the settings, to make the background transparent, making the application less intrusive when working with other programs at the same time. We miss, however, the option of a clear interface, with white tones, which is usually offered in iObit programs.

The restore point feature works well and does not require much time to find out how to trigger it, so any user is able to take advantage of this advantage. If something goes wrong and your machine starts to behave strangely after updating a driver, just click a button and everything goes back to the previous state.

There is also no need to worry about disk space or memory consumption, as the program is small and light. Even with other programs running in the background, Driver Booster did not exceed 50% of CPU usage at its peak.

If you are not very familiar with the interface of your operating system to quickly get to the Control Panel and find your drivers, or if you just want to save time, it is worth installing Driver Booster from Windows 7.


  • Simple and useful, in Portuguese
  • Small installer
  • Light and fast operation
  • Easy access restore point
  • Nice design


  • No white interface option


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