DriverPack Solution

DriverPack Solution
DriverPack Solution

DriverPack Solution

Update all necessary drivers for your PC with DriverPack Solution

DriverPack Solution is a free program that updates drivers on computers with Windows installed. The software detects if there is an outdated drive or has not yet been installed and places the file to run on the PC.

In addition to searching and installing, the program also includes some typical tasks from the system’s control panel, such as the function to add and remove programs. Therefore, it is possible to perform a quick cleaning of the machine to make it lighter to receive new updates.

The most important tool is the diagnostics tool, which shows what needs to be updated about PC drivers. There are three detection options: “Drivers”, “Programs”, and “Backup”. These three are separated as a guide in the middle of the screen. By clicking on one at a time, the user can enter the desired function and let the program work.


During the search for updates, these tabs show how many drives or programs were found. At the end, an update message will be displayed on the screen to show that the process has been completed. To keep the computer up to date with the files, just click on the green button on the right “Update All”.

As soon as the program is installed, the main interface already displays computer data, such as: machine name, brand, Windows version, in addition to showing information about the processor and drive used on the machine.


The useful tip is: download the torrent file so you don’t need to install any type of package that comes with the folder. There is also the chance to download the specific file to be installed on a DVD, so the program can be run on other machines.

Although it is in English, the language must be entered manually during installation. The program is in the free version and runs on newer versions of Windows. Keep all drives and programs running smoothly, download DriverPack Solution now!

Our opinion

DriverPack Solution requires no effort to use. After the laborious installation, the user will be able to breathe easily and finally have their drivers always updated on the computer. The program fulfills the functions promised in a few clicks.

The interface greatly facilitates the user’s work. The diagnostics function appears right in the middle of the screen and starts running immediately. The user can have the new installations of virtually all drives with just one click. By doing the search, the software shows what the PC needs to get a 100% upgrade.

The search for drivers takes the time corresponding to the number of drivers found. The less time, the shorter the wait and vice versa.

The program can be recognized by Windows as adware, but it can go ahead with the installation. If you don’t have the patience to run into errors while running the program, install the torrent version, the easiest and fastest way to have DrivePack Solution working on Windows.


  • Effortless operation
  • Light
  • Finds outdated and even ‘hidden’ PC drives


  • The torrent is the only installation file that works without restrictions


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