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“Either change or everything will end”: Chiellini offers the formula to avoid the ‘apocalypse’ of Italian football

the defender Giorgio Chiellini assured this Friday that “Italian football needs to rejuvenate” because the mentality is “too conservative”and what is necessary “Open yourself to change or everything will end”. Juventus’ Italian central defender believes that a change in the rules is necessary for the survival of the beautiful game, but that in this world the new news is seen as “a threat”.

“Italian football needs to rejuvenate, the mentality is too conservative. Stadiums, events for the whole family, championship format: you have to be open to change or everything will end”declared the Juventus player in an interview with ‘La Stampa’.

“We have to change the rules and above all the mentality. Even the best innovative proposals struggle to be approved, there is excessive conservatism. In football, news is seen as a threat rather than an opportunity, but this way we risk breaking the toy.” he added.

Chiellini bets on a reform in the rules that includes some ‘play-offs’ to win championships: “I think in the format of the championships, they should be reviewed. The ‘play-offs’ would provide unpredictability and suspense, they would be an extraordinary event capable of involving millions of people. But the news is scary and nothing ever changes.”

The captain of the Turin team also gave the example of the Italian stadiums, which he thinks need to be remodeled: “Let’s take the stadiums: everyone knows they need to be reformed, we need structures that offer events and attract families to engage children and keep them close to our world. But it is not possible to build them, with some exceptions. There is always a bureaucratic problem or someone gets in the way.”

On the decision to exclude Russian athletes and selections from competitions, the 2020 European champion was blunt: “Yes, definitely. The federations that do not do it are wrong”.

“Politics should be as far away from sport as possible. But this time we are much further, the war is something else. I feel sorry for the athletes, but Russia must be hit in every possible way, except by resorting to weapons as Putin did.”he added.

The captain of the ‘Azzurra’ team has not yet revealed his future, although everything indicates that he will leave Italy and head to the American MLS. However, once his sports career is over, Chiellini has never hidden the fact that he is more attracted to the offices than to the benches.

“While you are a footballer you are focused only on that. And until today in my head I have always been 100% a footballer, when you do this job it can only be like that. In the future I would like to have a managerial path, where I can enhance the wealth of experience I have gained over the years and make it available in a new context”he reiterated.

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