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“Either Navas or me”: Donnarumma’s ultimatum to PSG about the goal and Navas

the italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma23 years old, does not believe that he will live a second season of cohabitation with the Costa Rican goalkeeper Keylor Navas in it Paris SG and thinks that the French club will opt for one of the two, assured the former Milan goalkeeper in an interview with AFP.

I have a very good relationship with Keylor, we are both good guys, we understand our situation, but it has been hard, for him and for me, but let’s say that we have managed it well, with the whole team and especially between the two of us”, said the goalkeeper.

Asked if he should spend another season like this, sharing ownership, Donnarumma He was blunt in saying “no”. “I think it will surely not happen like that, because I think the club will make a choice.”.

The PSG season

‘Gigio’ also took stock of what was his first season with the Parisian team, which managed to recover the Ligue 1 title.It’s nice, it’s my first championship title and I’m very happy. It is also my first title with the Paris Saint-Germain shirt. I am very proud to belong to this great club, very ambitious, that always aspires to the maximum“, he pointed.

On what his performance was and if he had to put himself on a note, he said: “It hasn’t been an easy season… let’s say a 7 (out of 10). I know I can give more, I haven’t played that many games, half of it alone, it hasn’t been easy”.

Benzema’s goal

The round of 16 between Real Madrid and PSG They seemed sentenced, until a specific play between Donnarumma and Benzema changed the whole story. About, Donnarumma He was firm in saying that the Frenchman’s goal should have been annulled.

The goal should not have been valid, but we would have had to control the situation better. We were very disappointed, like all the fans, but we have to look forward. We want to play the Champions League again to try to win it”.

Of course, he said he did not feel guilty “at all”. “We know what happened and I don’t feel guilty about anything. But what’s past is past and you can’t go back”.

Italy out of the World Cup

Of course, he was also consulted about the blow that meant that Italy, European champion, was left out of the World Cup for the second time in a row.

“ANDSo it was hard, very hard (sighs) The following days were very hard, but as I just said, you can’t go back. We had a European Championship that will go down in history, we did something incredible (winning the title), but Italy must go to the World Cup and unfortunately we didn’t make it”, he reflected.

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