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Epic Genoa: Kean’s unusual mistake at 93’… and Juventus lost him at 95′ [VIDEO]

Goals you don’t score, goals he scores for you. The saying goes, perhaps the most popular and oldest in football, but the one that is most widely fulfilled. And if you don’t say it Moses Kean. The Italian striker made an incredible mistake in what would have been the second of the Juventus in his visit to Genoa, but he went from that to losing the match at minute 95, in an epic comeback that keeps the ‘Bibbini’ cast clinging to permanence.

About 90 minutes, a counterattack that seemed to end the aspirations of the local team, found Álvaro Morata in a great run towards the goal, and enabling Kean in the area. The attacker, practically with an empty goal, threw the ball out of the field.

Genoathen, believed and the reward came in 95 with a penalty, just as it happened last day against Sampdoria, although with a radically different result.

Same protagonist, the ghosts flew over his head and that of the ‘tifosi’, who crossed themselves in the stands. But this time the Italian Domenico Criscito did not fail. Goal, three points and end of the match. There are two days left, but there are possibilities for Genoa to stay. Cagliari and Salernitana will try to avoid it; Venice already has a foot and a half in Series B.

The Argentine Paulo Dybala opened the scoring with a great goal from the edge of the area with his bad leg as soon as the second half started, which seemed to put the match on track. But necessity prevailed over logic and with an overturned stadium, the locals turned the score around to feel closer than ever to salvation.

In minute 87, the Icelandic Albert Gudmudsson leveled the match with a good definition at the far post of the goal defended by the Polish Szczesny after a good collective play.

The descent is on fire, there can be no more equality. Now him Genoa, who seemed hopeless last day, approaches with arguments a permanence that aims to decide on the last day and stays one point behind Salernitana, the first team out of danger. Salernitana-Caglairi on Sunday is key to undoing the relegation mess in the Italian domestic championship.

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