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Facebook Messenger: these are the new features of the app in 2022

The instant messaging platform FacebookMessenger, has presented a new update that brings with it up to three different functions: the first, will benefit all users who like to send voice messages; the second is an incredible WhatsApp-style privacy tool; and the third, is a limited option, since only those who reside in the United States can use it.

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These functions of FacebookMessenger They are already available for all users who have Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android operating system, you just have to update the application from the App Store or Play Store respectively.

The first change can be observed when sending a voice note, because now three new controls will appear, on the left you will have the button to pause the audio you are recording, after touching it a new section will open, here you have two buttons additional ones, that of reproducing the audio (Play) and that allows you to continue with the recording.

This is what the new function for voice messages looks like (Photo: GEC)

What’s more, FacebookMessenger now it will give you the possibility to record a voice message of up to 30 minutes maximum, something that doesn’t seem to make sense because it would be better to make a phone or video call.

The technology portal Hats Newalso revealed that a privacy function called “Vanish Mode” will arrive, which will serve so that the photos, videos or gifs that you send through the app, automatically disappear after the receiver has finished seeing them.

Finally, the medium in question detailed that the “Split Payments” option was also added, although somewhat limited, since it can only be used in the United States. Facebook Messenger proposes that users divide the bill or the payment of something that they have consumed in a group in equal parts, netizens from other countries will still have to wait for this new tool.

do you have a problem with FacebookMessenger and you want to report it? click here to report something that does not work correctly in the app. If what you want is to report abuse or other conversations that violate Messenger’s rules, press the following link. You can also shake your smartphone to report an issue.

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