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“FIFA does not determine the nationality of a player”: president of the FEF on the case of Byron Castillo

The FIFA announced that it will open a disciplinary file on the case of Byron Castillo, who was denounced by the Chilean Football Federation for the possible use of false documentation to play for Ecuador. One day before the announcement of the highest governing body of football in the world, Francisco Egas, president of the Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF), gave the official position of the entity he directs regarding the controversy over the athlete’s citizenship.

“FIFA is not an authority that can determine the nationality of a player. So if you ask FIFA if you can or cannot play, FIFA will tell you, if you are Ecuadorian you can play, if you are not Ecuadorian surely not. Who determines it? Determined by local authorities. We would be talking about a totally different case if it would be an official document that has been forged for this “began by saying the leader of the FEF.

“We take all the precautions of the case. In fact, there was a great discussion in the country as to why Castillo was not summoned prior to habeas data and prior to the resolution of his case through the courts. It is the local authorities, and the competent authority in this case, who determined at a time in June or July of last year that the player should be registered as an Ecuadorian, having exhausted the entire process of analyzing irregularities that could exist with his documentation.he added.

“We feel calm because we have acted on behalf of the federation, respecting absolutely everything. In fact, we take the time to resolve any disputes that may exist with the documentation before convening it. In any case, the fact that there is a complaint implies that there will surely be a file, that we will surely have to present the argument, but as the Ecuadorian Football Federation we feel absolutely calm about what has been done and what we have been able to analyze with our lawyers of the case and the demand made by the Chilean federation. There seems to be no other documentation that we know of several years ago here in the country, and it was already analyzed by the civil registry, by the competent authority, and that ended in a habeas data favorable to the player, which of course also ended with the definitive registration as an Ecuadorian player”sentenced Francisco Egas.

FIFA will open investigation

This Wednesday, May 11, FIFA reported that it opened an investigative process against Byron Castillo for possible false documentation and invited the federations of Ecuador and Peru to present their positions.

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