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Find out the temperature of your Android phone in real time

Know the temperature of your smartphone Android It may seem irrelevant to you, but the truth is that this information could even save your life, since lately there have been many cases of users who have suffered third-degree burns after their devices exploded in their pockets and caught fire. calls. On this occasion, from trickdunia we will teach you a simple trick so that you can discover the current temperature of your cell phone. Take note.

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Why does your phone get hot Android? Simple, just like computers or laptops, these devices have also been made with a series of circuits and components, the same ones that can generate mild or extreme heat when used excessively.

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  • First, go to the Google Play Store Android and download “Simple System Monitor” app, you can get it quickly by clicking here.
  • Now, open it and a message will appear in English, which says that Android Oreo is no longer compatible with this application, click “Accept”.
  • A screen with different frequencies will automatically appear, at the top you will find a group of tabs, move them to the right until you reach the one that says “Battery temperature” or “Battery temperature”, tap on it.
  • Finally, below there will be three boxes, one that indicates the temperature, the current energy of your mobile and the health of the battery, if it is “good” it will be green and if it is “bad” it will be red.

For what reasons does my cell phone with Android OS get hot?

  • One of the main reasons is that you leave applications open in the background, when you do not close them the internal components of your cell phone will continue to work.
  • For this reason, it is always recommended to close an application as soon as you finish using it, you do this with the “multitask” button, otherwise the inconvenience and high temperatures will appear again.
  • Let your cell phone rest in case you notice extreme heat, even some cell phones show you a message to stop using the smartphone because of how hot it is.
  • Another cause that your mobile Android warms up quickly is that any type of virus has entered it that alters the functioning of the system.
  • Finally, avoid using the brightness to the maximum, you will also notice warmth. The recommendation is always to use auto-brightness so that the pixels dim their lighting.
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