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Five trends in online gambling in 2021

The pandemic has changed our consumption of the Internet. In 2020 alone, more than 5 million Peruvians sought to participate in online sports betting, while for this year the trend rises to 6 million potential bettors, according to the consultancy Attach.

To a large extent, the proliferation of Internet and the use of mobile devices has driven the level of acceptance of online games such as the ability to play with others, whether in table games, slot tournaments, fantasy sports, and more, which have generated innovations. In that sense, the experts of the online bookmaker Betsafe, five aspects that have marked the trend of the local market during this year stand out:

Top three sports: The most popular bets are indisputably led by soccer thanks to the extensive knowledge of the average player in the country. It is followed by basketball that offers many possibilities of predictions, and draws attention to the bets of eSports third, that they have grown exponentially due to virtuality and could be the future of online gambling.

The main teams: The preference of Peruvians for the beautiful game is maintained, since most bets support the main European football clubs such as Real Madrid, PSG and Liverpool, but the fans of the white and red are not far behind, as the national team Peruvian is positioned among the teams with the highest bet every time those led by Ricardo Gareca play.

The highest odds: In the Peruvian market we can find the bets that pay the highest odds on the Betsafe platform, which focus on high-profile events and leagues, such as the World Cup Qualifiers, the Copa América and European tournaments, which offer the best benefits. for bettors.

Cryptocurrencies: There is growing interest around cryptocurrencies and ‘blockchain’ due to the number of arguments that indicate that this could bring advantages for the betting sector, but that for the moment it is in the hands of regulators to decide if we will see progress during 2022 .

Extreme bets: They are bets where curious facts are mixed that could surprise during a tournament and perhaps very unlikely for some, but 100% possible for true fans. Betsafe experts point out that in our country most of the players still stick to traditional bets in markets such as 1×2, Over / Under, handicap, etc.

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