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For the story: Duan Liuyu scored with Shandong Taishan the first goal of 2022 [VIDEO]

The Chinese Super League It has not stopped its activity at the end of 2021 or at the beginning of 2022, to the joy of its fans. Precisely, the contest hosted the first goal of the year, during the development of date 21: Duan Liuyu marked the partial advantage of Shandong Taishan over Shanghai Port.

The actions were contested in the Yuexiushan Stadium and both teams came out to take control of the game. The crash was very intense, but the local team broke the parity at 8 ′, after a good team move, which was built by the left wing.

Duan Liuyu, a 23-year-old midfielder, received the ball a few meters from the box and was immediately well blocked by two opponents, which is why he enabled Yang Liu, continuing with the wall they had built. This last Shandong Taishan footballer tried to finish the attack with a cross, although it was not precise.

A Shanghai Port defender had managed to deflect the pass, but was unlucky and did not eliminate the danger to his goal. Liuyu took advantage of the opposition’s lack of aggressiveness, cleverly anticipated close to the penalty spot, outlined for his right leg and took a strong shot at the grass level, overcoming the resistance of goalkeeper Wei Chen.

The Shandong Taishan squad joined in a fraternal embrace, while the technical command celebrated on the substitute bench. Finally, the joy was not total, since the visit reacted during the second half and the scoreboard declared a 2-2 draw: Hu Jinghang and Aaron Mooy came back; while Moisés equalized of penal in the last moment.

Despite the parity, Duan Liuyu and company were not affected in the standings, since they already had the Chinese Super League title in their pocket. For its part, Shanghai Port has secured third place for now, although it will seek second position against Guangzhou FC (2nd) on the final date: direct qualification to the AFC Champions League will be at stake.

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