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Fortnite Chapter 3: they filter that there will be a new type of animal in Season 1

It is only a matter of days before Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 is a reality on all Battle Royale servers. One of the novelties, in addition to changes to the map and the introduction of new weapons, is the arrival of a new type of animal: seagulls.

The premiere of Chapter 3 of Fortnite It is scheduled for December 4 and some rumors and leaks are already being the talk of the community in specialized forums and social networks.

HYPEX, a well-known filter of Fortnite, published that one of the first novelties that would be added in Season 1 and they are about seagulls, a new flying animal that will be soaring the skies of the island.

It should be noted that the appearance of seagulls is not a novelty in itself. On Fortnite Chapter 2, players could see these birds flying in the distance. The difference is that now you could interact with these animals.

The first theories suggest that the seagulls would be designed to steal the loot of the players, something similar to what happens in reality when they try to steal food from any clueless person.

It is only a matter of days before we know once what is the surprise that Epic Games is preparing after the End, the closing of Fortnite Episode 2.

FORTNITE | New weapon

According to a different leak, which also comes from HYPEX, a new throwing ax weapon will arrive in the Chapter 3. The leak has no information on the new weapon, except for the screenshots of the rendered model. The ax has blue accents and is adorned with decal stickers. Meowscles, which could indicate some kind of connection.

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