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Fortnite is banning players who take advantage of this bad practice

Beware the promises of infinite XP in Fortnite, because the developer Epic Games is banning those who take advantage of the system failure. Know what it is about so as not to fall into error.

The error happens in the “Creative Mode” of Fortnite, a site where players can create custom maps for the community. The problem in question is with the “mention system”, which allows the creators of the maps to make players gain experience for completing the challenges.

What map makers do in Fortnite is awarding players XP points for doing nothing like being on water, and that’s something Epic Games is pursuing to motivate competitiveness.

FORTNITE | Trick for which you can be banned

Epic Games determined that this practice violates the rules of Fortnite and therefore it is banning those who use the method to gain XP excessively.

Currently the mention system for custom maps is disabled so experience can no longer be gained when playing on player-created maps.

FORTNITE | Save the world

The players of Fortnite You can now earn Battle Pass XP by playing Save the World mode and after the continued frustration of not being able to rank up, Save the World could be a new place to hang out and progress in a Battle Pass that is currently packed with exclusive cosmetics. .

However, Save the World lost its relevance and in 2021 almost no one was still playing. Epic Games has yet to remove the mode from the game and instead, in Chapter 2 of Season 8, they added an XP feature that could help bring it back to the fore.

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