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Fortnite: rumors indicate that Dwayne Johnson would be part of the final event of Chapter 2

Fortnite Battle Royale It is one of the video games with the greatest capacity to summon gamers from all over the world. Not only Epic games organizes concerts, such as Ariana Grande’s, but also holds events to close seasons and chapters.

On December 4, the grand Chapter 2 closing event will take place, which, according to trailers, would pit players against the Queen of the Cube. If you pay attention to the progress of corruption on the map, you will notice that the power of the character extends from the pyramid.

Until then, of course, we will not know in depth the details that we will see at the event. However, some leakers, insiders and data miners have warned that actor Dwayne Johnson could be a leading character.

The data miner Hypex has warned that Epic Games has asked them to avoid sharing details from the end of Chapter 2. This is because they are apparently collaborating with various content creators to offer some details.

Dwayne Johnson, for example, shared a promotional video for a drink on his Instagram account. This news should not cause a stir, but if you pay attention to the detail of what is inside the refrigerator you will notice the relationship with Fortnite.

Basically inside your fridge is a helmet of one of the Battle Royale characters. On the other hand, the description of the video mentions The Foundation, a mysterious protagonist of the game, who could be the leader of the Seven.

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