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Free Fire: all nerfed and buffed weapons after update

Garena has updated Free fire at the beginning of December, so several weapons have been configured. Could it be that your favorite arsenal is no longer so powerful for the next few weeks? We tell you which ones were altered and what novelty we will have in the games.

The highlight of the update is the MAC10, a new SMG weapon available in Free fire. The weapon has a silencer installed and can easily pierce through enemies wearing heavy armor. It has 24 base damage, 0.09 fire speed, and has Silent Death.

New weapon in Free Fire

About the decrease of the effective range, Free fire precise that “There are some weapons that were too effective at long range, so it was unnecessary to have other weapons in inventory. Reduced the effective range of some weapons to bring weapon options to life in all game modes. “.

FREE FIRE | Decrease in Effective Range

  • UMP: -5%
  • MP5: -3%
  • Thompson: -3%
  • Mini UZI: -5%
  • MAG-7: -3%

FREE FIRE | More alterations

SCAR – Decreased recoil

“The SCAR has been one of the weakest Assault Rifles due to its poor accuracy. We gave this patch a little improvement so that it can be a bit more accurate even after the first few shots. “.

Recoil: -10%

M60 – Decreased recoil when prone or crouching

“Machine gun mode sacrificed a lot of mobility, and didn’t provide a significant advantage. We gave it a little more precision so that you can hold down the shutter button while you’re still “.

Machine Gun Recoil: -30%

UMP and XM8 – Reload speed decreased

“We increased the reload time for the UMP and the XM8 so that players have a larger window to close the distance with the enemies who have these weapons”.

Reload Speed: + 5%

MP5-X – Increased shooting speed

“The MP5-X was one of the rarest on the map, but the damage output it provided was still significantly lower than other superior SMGs. We gave his rate of fire a little adjustment so that he can be a useful companion for the final round. “.

Firing speed: + 5%

Kar98k – Increased rate of fire

“The Kar98k was one of the weakest sniper rifles due to the slow rate of fire, which made it difficult to consistently connect shots. We gave the Kar98k a slight adjustment on this head so that it can be a more viable option in the mid and long range. “.

Firing speed: + 10%

Groza – Increased armor penetration

Despite the low drop rate, the Groza was not stronger than other Assault Rifles. We gave the Groza a bit more power in this patch to make it more reliable against fully armored enemies. ”

Armor penetration: + 20%

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