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Free Fire: all the details about Nairi, the new character of OB31

Characters are one of the most important aspects of Free fire because they are equipped with a different ability that helps players to overcome their opponents. The game has a great variety of characters, and the developers do not hesitate to include new characters. Nairi is the latest addition to the game and was added after the recent Free Fire OB31 update.

Nairi was the mysterious character of the advanced server OB31 of Free fire. Now that it has been added to the game, its description reads as follows: “Nairi is a storm chaser who does research on climate technology”.

The character comes with a passive ability called Ice iron. Once this ability is implemented, Gloo Walls regain 20% of their current durability every 20 seconds at starting level. Additionally, when players have equipped the character, they will deal an additional 20% damage on the Gloo Walls using assault rifles.

FREE FIRE | Nairi Statistics

  • Level 1 – Restore: 20% | Damage: 20
  • Level 2 – Restore: 22% | Damage: 21
  • Level 3 – Restore: 24% | Damage: 22
  • Level 4 – Restore: 26% | Damage: 23
  • Level 5 – Restore: 28% | Damage: 24
  • Level 6 – Restore: 30% | Damage: 25

Since Nairi has a passive ability, few players may prefer to use it due to its impact on Gloo Walls, which can be influential at times. Not only will you improve the durability of the user’s Gloo Wall with every second, but you will also be able to destroy your opponents cover much more quickly with the use of AR.

The character is not available to players yet and is expected to be available soon.

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